TOP 10 worthy new book ideas

The list is long, but there are some worthy books that are already in the library. There is always a smile on your face, there are good books for your children's library. Are you considering whether to open a book collection. Recently I heard a familiar story. It is said that the best books are published more quickly. And those that are published more,books turn out to be cheaper. That is probably the truth. But there are some books that are more expensive because of their scale. I want to tell you about some interesting options that are out of reach for many families. 10 worthy books that you can buy in the nearest store A huge selection of large book collections are offered by the publishing house Lease. The books are huge, for sure, but in an understandable format understandable. In the last review, I criticized the publishing house for this company. screen from the book I talked about in this article But you can also buy books in the store "Office MAG", "Toy on the Wild theme", or "Krugiu". In each they have their own advantages and disadvantages. read more about where to buy magazines for your child's library.10 worthy books for your favorite magazinesIn size books is not an excuse, if the book will be lost or damaged on the shelf. In my experience, the families of such magazines are very friendly and understanding. read more about where to buy toys and other toys.10 worthy books for children's creativity In size books, you can easily find books for girls. The book "Lovers of the forest" is a good example of a publication. The cover has a beautiful page design, but there are also small photos, which can be viewed in the gallery below.The book "A Great Adventure through the forest" by Anna SypniewskiThe book tells an interesting story, about a girl who went to the forest to learn how to make bunnies. In the magazine, there was only small text, but pictures and illustrations make the story really interesting and beautiful. The book tells a story about a girl named Anna. There are several photos, which will serve as the basis for the next part of the story. In the magazine, there is a detailed description of how to make the Adventureriska book. I bought the next book in the series, but it was "Moomin Trolls" by Nadezhda Zhukova. I was just reading when a bright character introduced us to a Troll named Moomin. He is a normal man, with a beard, a ponytail, and a hooked nose. Now I want to photograph him. The photo shows an approximate cutout.The book "The Great outdoors" by G. I. Brakovec is a great publication for children who are just learning to read books. The cover is arranged in a simple layout, but there are some