We sew a rabbit from sirloin. Step-by-step master class with photos

"We sew" is a popular topic on the Internet. People often ask how they can make such a wonderful rabbit. Step-by-step master class with photos of the authorWe sew the body and make the body colors. It turns out that in the finished product, the eyes are made of different balls. And we sew them together on a sewing machine. This is how our rabbit turned out.This process is detailed in the video. I wanted to do something simple, so my first sewing project was for my son. Step-by-step master class with detailed photos. We put the body colors on a frame, and sew them together. You can see how the headdress turns out in the video. We also sewed a little rabbit in the tail. My daughter chose this model. We used it as the sole. Also see how the legs are sewn around the house. At the same time, we we chose cute rabbits. Rabbits are made according to a template. So make sure to use them! And a cute rabbit is a gift for a young adult! A great way to please a child who is just learning to sew. Sew cute rabbits on the frame. Or just wear something a cute sweater or jacket. Link to video. And a video of how to make a rabbit from sirloin yarn in 30 minutes. Master class with detailed instructions.