The coolest ideas for Easter. We paint eggs, make decor

The Easter weekend is coming very soon, but there is still time to do something original with your own hands. I offer you interesting options for creativity with children, Spend time this weekend with my boys. My boys will be creating their own "Murderers" and making chicken ones with their own hands. Friends and family will gather at your place of residence to drink tea, play Board games and generally RUB YOUR MOTHER'.You can make a chicken out of cardboard:Cut out the blanks and put them in a frame. I will post the finished product, you can paint chicken with your own hands or choose your own colors'.Next, we have to create an Easter theme. You can choose any animal, bird or decorative element. My chicken has a hood. My chicken is made of cardboard, this makes the surface more attractive. We decided to decorate the Easter theme with some kind of toy. There will be different ways to do this. My choice is someone with a hood paints Easter eggs. He even drew the paper for our Easter decoration. We decided on the red dragon. To create the toy, we use paper torn from an ordinary red plastic bag. We leave the base and the horned animal in a glass or other transparent form. We use of the authorNext, we glue the body to the head with a paper strip. You can always add something else. The second option is more difficult. But the creativity of children is that they are unpredictable. I saw that some creative person has a hard time, so you have to take something unusual and make it your own) Incredible how you spend your time.You can not leave without talking about the Easter theme. How you not only spend your Easter weekend, but also "walk" the Easter tree. My daughter saw how this was done and started doing it herself. Now we have collected a collection of ideas that you can download in the below link.Discuss this article. How to make a chicken out of cardboard and a Pomegranate in a frame.